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Friendly environment for students

The school building was raised over generations and dates back to the 17th century. It used to be a place where one could reflect on human life, cope with suffering, preserve happiness.

Every stone and every brick is a gift. They have overcome the time and secured a dialogue between generations, a dialogue which goes beyond the historical twists and turns. Within these walls, everyone is invited to immerse themselves in the phantasmagoria of the whispering voices and complaints from the past.

Each classroom is named after a scientist, an artist, or a wise man.

The green areas surrounding the school are also part of the whole estate of la Sauque. The park is a very bubbly and busy place, where one can enjoy the scent of the passing seasons and explore the mysteries of still life, just like one scholar who used to find more answers amongst the trees than in the books (‘Plus in silvis quam in libris’).

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Lycée Privé de la Sauque • 2 Av. de la Sauque, 33650 La Brède • 05 56 20 26 26
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