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Operation of dorms

Dorms are a privileged place to learn, and to live together. Sharing space with others, in the atmosphere of serenity and happiness, requires self-discipline and tolerance.

Boarding school aims to make students more responsible and autonomous as well as to give them an opportunity to meet other people, develop relational qualities, to help fellow men, and take initiatives.

The educative team offers support, listens, and accompanies the pupils on the journey of adapting to this new life.

Daily schedule:
• 06H45 : Waking up
• 07H15 : Breakfast
• 08H20 : Beginning of the classes
• 12H20: Lunch

• 17H15 : End of the classes + snack + free time
• 18H00 : Supervised study times by class levels
• 19H15 : Diner + free time.
• 20H15 : Supervised study times by class level
• 21H30 : End of Study time + Going to the dormitory
• 22H00 : Optional study time until 23h for the Premiers and the Terminals.
• 22H15 : Bedtime.

Respecting this timetable is essential for a serene and respectful community life.

Three different buildings host boys and girls separately. One building is accommodates boys, and two other buildings lodge girls ( Le Chateau, and Jeanne de Lestonnac’s House ).

Most of students are hosted in bedrooms with two to five beds. There are no tables in the rooms.

Boarders move in from 7:30 a.m. on Mondays and move out at 5:15 p.m. on Fridays.

2 hours and a quarter of supervised study time is planned each evening. There is more of an optional study time for Premiers and Terminals. The library is available for research until 9:30 p.m.

We organize peer support after the pupils get their first marks. This project, carried out in a friendly exchange spirit, allows the students of Second, who experience difficulties in some subjects, to benefit from the support from the senior students ( Premiers and Terminals) during the evening study times.

Participation is either voluntary or can be subject to recommendation.

Contact us

Lycée Privé de la Sauque • 2 Av. de la Sauque, 33650 La Brède • 05 56 20 26 26
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