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The cost of schooling at La Sauque high school includes:
– Mandatory fixed costs of €300.00 (one payment per year and per family, at the time of registration) corresponding to registration or re-registration costs,
– Membership of the Guilgault association and APEL,
– Participation in the level stay (Rocamadour, Carcassonne or Lourdes);
– The family contribution of €1,350.00, i.e. €150.00 per month;
– The package corresponding to the student’s plan:

Half-boarder €1,440.00, i.e. €160.00 per month
Internal-external €2,430.00, i.e. €270.00 per month
Internal 3,420.00 C, i.e. €380.00 per month

(1) The plan chosen at registration is concluded and final for the school year.
(2) The internal-external status allows the student to stay at the school until 9:30 p.m. to enjoy
studies and evening activities, the evening meal is included in the package.

Optional school bus service for boarding students between Bordeaux Saint-Jean and La Sauque for an amount of €252.00, i.e. €28.00 per month.

Invoicing is annual, an automatic direct debit is made from September to May (nine direct debits: September 20, 2022 then the 10th of each month).

A 10% reduction is granted for the 2nd child enrolled at the Lycée de la Sauque, 20%
from the 3rd child enrolled in the Lycée de la Sauque.

In the event of absence for medical reasons greater than or equal to two consecutive weeks outside school holidays, a credit note calculated in proportion to the period in question is granted at the request of the family.


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