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Religious Culture

To aid our students to open their spirits and hearts, many activities are put in place in high school life.

Firstly, our religious culture lessons allow our students to gain better knowledge about religion, and our judeo-christian tradition because, according to Mark Chagall : « The Bible is the alphabet of colours where lies all Occidental art ».

According to Simone Weil (1909-1943) : « One makes a mistake with a child when we raise it in a strict christianism which forbids them to be capable to see that there are many golden treasures in non-christian civilisations. A laic education is an even bigger mistake. It dissolves these treasures along with the Christian treasures ».

It is indispensable for every 21st century honest being to know their spiritual roots so, as Saint Anselm said : « enter into their spirit’s chamber ».

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