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Sports and cultural life

Providing education to more than 500 pupils, 350 of which are boarders, the establishment teaches beyond basic school framework. Various activities contribute to our pupils development and they can be classed into the following:

• Wednesday afternoon activities designed to give “a breather” to the pupils of Second
• Conferences with guest speakers
• Trips
• Community time in the dorms

Sport is an activity of development of the person and their body just as much as an asset in their social life.
The students of Second have the posibility to participate in sport on Wednesday afternoons (football, handball, boxing, decathlon, etc…) in the U.N.S.S. One night per week boarders of each year also have the chance, if they have time, to partake in a sporty activity.

The role of beauty is very important in education, and regularly, art history conferences are organised thanks to university proffessor from Bordeaux.
Regular visits to museums and famous monuments are also organised.
For the Second students who are interested, there is an art club every Wednesday afternoon. There is also one on Wednesday evening that is open to everyone.

For pianist and musicians, two music rooms with pianos are available. In the chapel, an organ is also there for anyone who wishes to play it.
Lessons in various instruments are also available and the choir regroups students and teachers.

Theatre is an important part of school life :
• An activity is put in place every Wednesday evening
• The ‘Literature and Society’ module is open to Seconds

A play is put on at the end of each school year, and another one is organised by the Anglophone students. Since 2015, the students have organised na annual school musical.

Wednesday afternoons are the activity period for the Seconds, and allows them to try their hand at various subjects ranging from patisserie to cinema.
A chess teacher comes every fortnight to help students discover the strategies of this game.


Since 2012, our school has offered the chance to students to take the BIA (Aeronautics Initiation Exam).
The BIA is an exam from the National Education and Ecology and Development Ministry. This exam allows students to discover the different sides of the aeronautical world, and the options leading to this career choice. It is the first step towards other diplomas, like the Privat Pilot Exam, which is a reccomended option in numerous aeronautical proffessions. The theoretic formation involves :

Meterology and Aerology

Spotting the meterological and aerological phenomenons. The use of meteological statistics to prepare flights. How to spot dangerous circumstances.

Aerodynamics, aerostatistics, and flight principles

Spot elementary interactions between a profile and the air. Tell the difference between various flights. Differentiate aerodynamical forces.

Study of aeronefs and spacious engines

Identify different types of aeronefs. Spot and describe the basic and principal elements and systems that make the technical functions that are elementary to aeronefs.

Navigation, reglementation and flight security

Spot the elements that are essential to flight preparation. Enhance the principles of aeronautical reglementation and flight security, in terms of human stats.

History and culture of aeronautics

Situate the different important steps of spatial and aeronautical history. Establish the relationship between the actors, the machines and the scientific and technology of spatial and aeronautical history. Compare these elements to cultural, social and economical functions.

How to prepare the BIA  ?

The preparation of the BIA is taught every Monday night from 5 :30pm to 7 :00pm. The presence of students who have signed up for this exam is mandatory.

How can we pass the BIA ?

This formation is validated by a national exam which takes place on a Wednesday afternoon mid-May. There is a multiple choice quiz on aerodynamics and mecanics, navigation, reglementation, security and history.

The students who wish to, can also pass the English aerodynamics exam, which adds on to their first one.

Signing Up

To sign up, you will need to fill in a form when coming to apply to the school, or, collect the form from the school office.

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