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The charter of La Sauque

There are many schools with an elaborated project concerning education, instruction, and religion; these documents consist of general texts regarding the whole school community (pupils, parents, teachers, other members of school staff, school management). The charter of the Lycée de la Sauque applies to all adults who are there for our pupils.

All adults are here to offer help to the adolescents entrusted to them, and to make them progress as much as possible.
Essentially, this chart could be summed up by this noble prayer of the young King Salomon who sought neither wealth nor long life but begged the Almighty with these words: “give to Your servant an understanding heart!’. (1 Kings 3:8)

The Lycée de la Sauque is an school establishment as well as a place where we spend part of our lives. Thus, every staff member (teachers, members of the religious community, supervisors, administration, maintenance, and catering staff) has their part in delivering the following four aspects which are crucial in la Sauque: passing on the knowledge, social life, self-growth, and spiritual awareness. These commitments form a bridge between the staff and the pupils, and they contribute to the bases of a functional family life. The system in which the chart was created establishes fundamental principles and their application in the reality, which defines the school spirit.

Make the learning process enjoyable
Encourage the thirst for reflexion, and to sharpen critical skills on top of simple mastering of methods and techniques
Make independent study a fundamental objective

– Improve our pupils’ expression skills (writing and speaking).
– Raise awareness and critical approach when using computer technologies.

Maintain a mutual respect and the respect of opinion in the learning atmosphere, putting a particular focus on embracing vulnerabilities and differences of all kinds in the heart of the establishment.
– Engage fully into the school community life and to advocate its harmony and beauty.
– Integrate life challenges into our community (mainly through the everyday life in the dorms, and through ensuring respect for places and resources).
– Offer silent breaks from intellectual activities to facilitate self-development.
-Raise awareness about the meaning of words and promises.
-Reward those who immerse themselves in helping others.

– Guide pupils in discovering their skills and in developing self-confidence. In order to do that, we promote every activity and discipline that makes life meaningful and enjoyable (school trips, sports meets, and cultural activities)
– Provide each pupil with a personal development plan
– Offer professional help from grown-ups (personalised support, projects, tutoring, etc.)
– Embrace all different forms of intelligence and levels by addressing them in the evening study programme.
– Maintain regular, strict, and demanding feedback which allows us to critically examine pupils’ levels so that they can, most importantly, progress in their studies and mould their personalities.
– Introduce various education profiles (general, technical, higher education)

– Reinforce the importance and the spiritual value of charity towards our fellow men (Rosary pilgrimage in Lourdes, Lent, Saint Vincent Paul Charity, Rocamadour).
– Stimulate spiritual growth (Religious Culture once a week, meetings with witnesses)
– Provide guidance throughout the Christian pathway (companionship of the Dominicans, sacrament preparations, weekly masses and Eucharist, rosary)
– Celebrate together the liturgical holidays.

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