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Dublin trip 14th – 18th October – Première section Europeenne anglais

To summarise what the students had to say

In one word the students described the trip as: “unique” “delightful” “tremendous” “fantastic” “wonderful” “awesome” “amazing” “super-extraordinary”

Amélia, “ Before leaving I excepted a bit of a boring trip because of the description of Dublin in the book that we studied in class, The Dubliners, all the characters wanted to escape the city! But in fact it was amazing.”

Alice, “before the trip I was really excited to go as last year’s trip to London was so brilliant.”

Charlotte, “…I discovered a new country and another culture. Before going, in my mind, Ireland was covered of green grass and sheeps and I thought we would have really bad weather!. We were lucky!”

Romain, “the highlight of the trip was going to the pub, so Irish!.”

Alizée, “I loved the Croke Park stadium, the memory of when we were shouting Aigue! Aigue! Aigue!, just like a family stayed in my mind.”

Charles, “the highlight for me was the Guinness store house and the free time.”

Chloe, “the highlight of the trip was dinner at the Pub and watching the rugby match, France against All Blacks… even if we lost.”

Adele, “creating our protest sign was fun.”

Baptiste, “what I didn’t like about the trip was the Macbeth movie… it was strange”

Maïder, “The meals at the youth hostel were not so great.”

Edouard, “The walking to museums or monuments was fun, we were able to talk a lot to friends.”

Jack, “ The walks to the museums and other sites were very interesting, I wouldn’t change a thing!”

Louise, “ We walked a lot but ii’s a good way to get to know the city.”

Pauline, “ The ample free time we had were great!”

Léo, “…we laughed a lot during the walks and free time… this trip has made us closer.”

Maîlys, “The trip was perfect from the beginning to the end!”

Tiffanie, “It was the most fabulous class trip that I have ever done!”