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Our Trip To London
2NDE Anglophone Section
27Nov – 2Dec 2016

The students of 2nde, Anglophone section went on a school trip to London. Mrs. Leclercq, Ms. Tonnelle and Mr. Pontoizeau accompanied them.

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Visits: Science Museum, Wembley stadium, Mueum of London, Oxfod: Christ Church college, Pitt Rivers and Natural History Museums, Spitalfield Market and Tower of London.

Workshops:  Front page editing at The Guardian and play on Romeo and Juliet at the Globe Theatre.

Evening activities: theatre, cinema and London by night.

Free times and Treasure hunts at: Covent Garden, St Paul area, Leicester Square, Picadilly Circus and Oxford Street.

They wrote an account of their trip. To start, they were asked to give one adjective to sum up their stay. They came up with these adjectives!

‘amazing’    ‘unforgettable’    ‘awesome’    ‘great’         ‘incredible’
‘legendary’    ‘wonderful’        ‘interesting’    ‘spectacular’    ‘surprising’

I have never been to London before and totally discovered it…I was very impressed by English architecture, particularly on the House of Parliament and the buildings in Oxford.
Theotime Junqua

We had very full and interesting days! We walked a lot around the city, we took the famous double decked bus, we discovered the underground and London by night! It was a wonderful week!
Louis Massie

Most of the activities and visits were so interesting like the huge Wembley stadium, even if you don’t like football.
Timothé Maurice

The free time was interesting because we were in our groups. We could shop and had to speak English, to discover on our own the place where we were like asking for directions… Everyday we had about an hour to an hour and a half with our teachers not too far away.
Marine Eeckhout

On the fourth day, we spent a day in Oxford. It was enormous and wonderful. We
visited Christ Church College and I discovered that this college has a soul and is not just where Harry Potter’s dining hall was filmed!
Louis Pinson

The Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford was really interesting! There were loads of items to see! It was an anthropology museum with collections from all over the world!
Juliette Louys

The trip was very magical because I discovered my newly made friends in a different environment. I like this type of trip because we are together and also, got to know our teachers better!
Maxence Hervy

The auberge where we stayed was good, the food as well, the locked doors, we always had to use the card keys…
Axelle piquer

It was also a ‘food culture trip’! I thought it would be horrible to eat sausages, bacon and eggs in the morning but it surprised me, it was so great!
Camille Ferran

I first thought the treasure hunt will be boring and annoying to do but then it was fun and my group won funny and weird hats!
Mathilde Souillac

“I really enjoyed our theatre evening of Mamma Mia, the musical. The actors and actresses were so dynamic that I felt like dancing and singing
Marie Alix saby

I think my favourite day was when we went to Spitalfield market, the famous vintage market where we had a longer free time to explore the stalls.
Romain Tricault

At the Guardian building, we did the newspaper workshop on editing the front page was stressful! We needed to do everything within time limits. We had to think fast and at the same time be creative just like real journalists and editors!
Amelie Valat

If I wanted to change one thing for the future years, I would say the trip was too short. Bit it is certainly because I really enjoyed it!
Louis Despagne